The timeline application

The timelines are displayed in a Flash-application. For this application a plug-in is required. If you can see the timelines, the plug-in is already installed on your computer; otherwise you can download this plug-in at

Three timelines can be viewed underneath each other. They display the same time range, so that different subjects can be compared

The timescale ranges from billions of years to seconds. A timeline only displays the time range that is necessary for that particular timeline.

De menu bar displays the title of the timeline, its author and the total number of items. With the menu you can:

  • Copy a link to that timeline, and paste the link in your website, an email etc.
  • Copy the embed code so you can place the timeline on your own website or blog.
  • Change the height of the timeline to view the items as you prefer.
  • Zoom in and zoom out. The timescale displays a bit more time than the earliest and latest dates of the timelines on display.
  • Expand the timeline to view all items
  • Drag the timeline vertically to change the order of the timelines. This is only useful if more than one timeline is open.
  • Minimize the timeline
  • Close the timeline. One timeline will always remain open.



The scrollbar below the timeline allows you to scroll left and right with arrows and the dark grey scrollbar.

The orange buttons allow you to change the earliest and latest visible date. The numbers in the light grey area of the scrollbar display the minimum and maximum date of all open timelines.


  • By pressing control on your keyboard and subsequently pressing the left mouse-button, you can select a section of the timeline and zoom in.
  • The  + and  – on your keyboard are for zooming in and out.
  • The  < and  > on your keyboard are for scrolling left and right
  • By moving your cursor over the timescale you can easily highlight items in the timeline



Tabs Search, General information, Item Information, My TimeRime

In tab 1, “search”, beneath the timelines, you can search for timelines. You can search for words, authors or within a category.

The results of a search open in the same tab. You can return to the search homepage by clicking the search tab.

General information
Tab 2 shows general information of the timeline you are watching.

Item information
Tab 3 Shows information about the item or period you have selected in the timeline. The previous and next buttons allow you to chronologically browse through the timeline.

My Timerime
If you are not logged in, tab 4,”my TimeRime”, will show a login form and a register form

Before you can make your own timelines you must register by filling in the register form in the my TimeRime tab. A valid email address is required. After sending your registration you will receive an email on that email address and you will be asked to click the link in order to activate your registration.

Now you can log in by filling in the login form in the my TimeRime tab. Once you are logged in you will see a list of your timelines and buttons for several options.

Add timeline
“Add timeline” takes you to the wizard that will guide you through the process:

  • General information - Here you can name your timeline and add an explanatory text about the timeline that will be displayed in the general information tab. The timeline will be activated once you press the save button.
  • Items - Here you can create the items that will be shown in the timeline application. The title of the item is the label in the timeline. You can add a picture, a short text and html-text. The short text is shown on mouse-over next to the picture. Pictures are automatically cropped to the right size. Pictures with a height or width smaller than 140 pixels will get a white border.
  • If you choose to add an end date to the item, an orange bar will appear on mouse-over representing the duration of the item.
  • You can assign a zoom level to an item ranging from 1 to 5. Items with a higher zoom level will only display at that zoom level or higher. The zoom level of a timeline is represented by the number between the zoom in and zoom out buttons in the menu bar.
  • You have the option to add one or more audio files to an item (mp3 format) that can be played in an mp3-player in the timeline. Make sure not to place audio files that are copyrighted.
  • Periods - A period always has a begindate and an end date, and can be seen as a bar under the items. You can add html-text that shows in tab 3 if you click on the period.
  • Visibility - A timeline can be made public or private. If you want to keep the timeline private you can open that timeline only if you are logged in.
  • Mail friends - You can notify your friends of your timeline by sending an email.

Add Media
To facilitate uploading music and images TimeRime has developed a media manager. You can upload several files at once, and later select one when adding images or sound to an item.

Here you can change the details of your account.


Do you have questions or suggestions? Send an e-mail to